Recently we have launched a version of the search engine SaveMoney with more searching parameters so you can find better what you are looking for from Amazon. This new advanced search engine for Amazon allows you to choose a good number of new parameters, which we explain below. First of all, to access the advanced search engine, simply go to the page and click on the option: "[Advanced Search]". Advanced Search Engine After clicking on this option, a search form will be displayed with all the new parameters to perform more accurate searches. Department from this dropdown menu you will be able to select the section or department in which you want to search Amazon. Amazon node ID This option serves to further restrict the category or section in which to search. Internally, Amazon organizes its entire product catalog under a large directory of sections and subsections. All of them are called A node. And this is where the big question comes from. What values or how do I know which Amazon node ID is the one I need to do my search? Well, then we'll show you how to get the Amazon node ID so you can make your searches even more accurate. For this we will put an example. Let's imagine that we want to look for Nintendo Switch games only. First of all, we'll have to go to Amazon. We will click on the link below the search box, where it says "all departments", and that takes us to this page where all the main sections of Amazon are shown. Once on that page, we will click on the category that interests us. For example, click on the "All About video games" section. It will show us a page where they tell us the novelties that they have for all the consoles. If we click where it puts Nintendo Switch, it takes us to a page whose address will be something like this:

If you look at that direction, at the end of the whole appears what we are looking for, the node ID for Nintendo Switch. Therefore, to restrict the advanced search to the section of Nintendo Switch, we will simply have to paste in the box of ID node Amazon the value: 12366198031. In this case, if we indicate an Amazon node ID in the advanced search engine, it will not matter what we put in the department because the Amazon node ID prevails over the department, since the Amazon Node ID is more accurate. Search text as its name indicates, is the text of what we want to search on Amazon. Following the above example, we could search for "Super Mario" to find all the Super Mario games. Brand we can indicate the brand of the product we want to look for. For example, we could indicate "Nintendo" to find only Nintendo products. Author in that case we could indicate the author of a book to find it more easily. In addition, we have the following options to further restrict the search and thus find cheaper prices on Amazon. These options that we have in the advanced search are: Minimum price, maximum price and minimum discount. With these three values we can find real bargains. Finally we can also make a filtering to exclude products that are not available, or to filter to find only those that send them Amazon directly, or any other seller.