Moto G already goes by the fifth generation, and this year exclusively on Amazon you can buy Moto G 5th generation Plus! 5.2 screen inch Full HD is the size to stop this new bike G 5th generation Plus.

If you know the line of bike G little, it must be said because you know that the great Fort of these mobile is its great value for money. The benefits offered are very good, have very good performance, are fast browsing, and joins them on a good price.

But here a small summary of the most important features of the new Moto G 5th generation Plus that you can only buy at Amazon.

Aesthetically, it has a very careful design, finished in high quality aluminum, diamond, and polished, which makes having a super soft touch. In addition, it carries a nanocoating that repels water, so you can be calm, if any splash water falls.

The processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625, so you will notice that you can navigate to a very good speed, run multiple applications at the same time without that it is caught.

The camera back images of bike G 5th generation Plus is 12 megapixels. It carries Dual Pixel auto focus, so you'll get some photos of an impressive quality. With the Full HD display 5.2 inch you will see the pictures you make with a sharpness, brightness, and a few details, which have nothing to envy to high-end smartphones.

The point strong bike g 5th generation Plus is the battery, you can use it throughout the day, and giving cane, which you will hold perfectly. And if it is the case, that you have given more cane account, don't worry, because it carries a TurboPower charger, and with only 15 minutes of charge, you can have up to 6 hours of battery life.

Lock and unlock your phone with your fingerprint. Moto G 5th generation Plus has fingerprint reader, so security will also have it insured. It is also compatible with NFC, so you can make your payments, with only your smartphone approaching the terminal.

Moto G 5th generation Plus allows you to create actions mobile react to the movement that we indicate. For example, you can create an action that when put it upside down is muted, or that doll is activated the camera, turning twice… Simple things but that make you much more practical the regular use of your phone.

As you can see, Moto G 5th generation Plus, very renovated once again, and improving all the goodness of his predecessors. So, now only remains to show the comparative tables of so you can buy your bike G 5th generation Plus in the country in which Amazon has lowest price: