Today we are going to help with the world tablet, and for that, we have prepared a ranking with which right now are the best tablets in the market.

Tablets are becoming an increasingly indispensable element, and they are becoming more and more used than computers. There are models that allow you to navigate very quickly, and above are more comfortable, and practical, than laptops.

But well, here we are not to convince you that you buy a tablet, but to help you choose a good model. By the way, because of the dates we're in, he thinks it can be a great Christmas present. There we leave!!!!! 😉

So let's start with the ranking of the best tablets, and then we will show you the tables of so you can buy the model that choose in the country where Amazon has its lowest price:

1.-Samsung GALAXY TAB A: This 10.1 inch tablet, is now a great choice of Samsung that brings together quality and price. With a Core i7 processor you can navigate at high speed. It has a 16 GB capacity, which will allow you to store enough information on it.

2.-ALCATEL PIXI 3: We continue with a 10 inch tablet, where what is most striking is its lightness, it weighs nothing. The strong point of this tablet is your battery, is Lithium Polymer, and will allow you to use it for a long time even if you give enough cane. If you have to take a hit is your browsing speed that does not have a processor as fast as the previous one, and its capacity is 8 GB. But well, depending on how you're going to use it is a very good option.

3.-LENOVO TAB 2:10 inch screen, a great resolution, Intel XScale processor that makes the tablet have good browsing speed, 16 GB capacity, and dual speakers with incredible sound clarity, makes it a very complete tablet. Lenovo doesn't usually fail, and it offers a very good quality on your tablets.

4.-BQ AQUARIS M10: This tablet is characterized by its careful aesthetics, and its lightness, to have a great resolution in its 10.1 inch screen, a good processor that together with its 2 GB RAM makes it have a good speed of navigation, and allow to use several AP Licaciones at once. It also has a 16 GB hard drive.

5.-YUNTAB Q88: Its screen is somewhat smaller than the previous, is 7 inches, now it is tiny but matoba. It has a dual-core A33 processor, which makes it quick to navigate. Your RAM is 8 GB which will allow you to work in multitasking with great ease. Also with this tablet we increase the capacity, we go to the 32 GB hard disk, which is very but very well.

And we do not want to saturate more with more models of tablets, any tablet that you choose from which we have shown you, will be a great option. However, if you want to see more tablet models do not forget to visit the tablet section of Amazon.

Then we go to the mess, and we just have to show you the tables of of the tablets that we have spoken so that you can buy the model that you choose in the country where Amazon has its cheapest price: