If you are going to have a baby sure that a subject you are looking at, and that worries you, is the type of mattress in which it is more advisable to sleep. Well Babymoov does that work for you, and that's why he has designed Cosydream, a mattress made with the best materials to offer your baby the maximum comfort and safety to sleep.

Cosydream de Babymoov is designed along with health professionals to make the baby's comfort and safety appropriate. Soft, and micro-breathable materials, they are the perfect blend of Cosydream. Cosydream de Babymoov is an ergonomic wedge that adapts perfectly to the baby's body.

Another issue that cares for this Babymoov cushion, and that worries both the parents, is the subject of the proper position so that the baby does not suffer plagiocephaly. Thanks to Cosydream your headrest is the perfect one for the baby's head to mantega its rounded shape. It has a positioning roller that is adjustable so that it ensures the sword perfectly, and also slightly raises the baby's legs to encourage better digestion.

And if all this seems little is also Cosydream +, this cushion comes with a 15 degree angle for the baby to keep the airways free. The rest of the features are the same as the Cosydream.

Well, nothing, and we only have to show you the tables of Savemoney.es, both Cosydream and Cosydream +, so you can locate the country where Amazon has its lowest price: