If we have to say a toy that will revolutionize this Christmas, we have no doubt that will be the vehicle Mad Racer of Feber. So, if you have more than 6-year-olds, get ready because we are almost sure that they will include it in his letters to Santa Claus, or Magi.

Who does not know what Mad Racer? It is a car that has designed Feber, or also called go-kart. With the children can start to be small pilots in a safe and fun way.

Mad Racer has brake and throttle progressive, and can reach up to 9 km/h. It also allows make 360-degree turns, so the more intrepid may make spinning tops, and skids, but we insist, always in a safe manner. Dads can rest easy.

We know that it is a safe vehicle because the car is designed with a central driving control, and this makes that they can not tip. Feber offers a guarantee of stability for the child's safety is guaranteed.

The Mad Racer is simple, you only have to press the front button to advance, and to make maneuvers only will have to control the direction buttons.

Another reason that will love this car is that they can record all races since Mad Racer has a stand where to put the mobile securely.

With regard to its functioning, Mad Racer takes a battery LED with an indicator that alerts you when you have to recharge it, but for that you get an idea, they will be playing for about 50 minutes at a time.

And when they are tired of play, to bring it back home, Feber has joined Mad Racer a handle that makes it easy to transport.

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