With the mind already set on Christmas, we must start thinking about gifts, then the date approaches, and is a move to find ideas. Therefore, as in Savemoney.es we want to help you, we are going to talk about the smartwatches which, in addition to being a great gift idea, will you serve for a classification with 7 smartwatches that really are worth.

Although almost all mode known its existence, in terms of profits are a big unknown. Let's see, I mean, there are still many people who think that they are useless, that they do not provide any assistance, we are an unnecessary expense. If you think so, you are very wrong, the smartwatches are a tool that provides you with many utilities, and I say this from my own experience. I also thought it was a useless pileup, but since I have it not find him nothing but advantages.

You get rid of thinking all day phone, yes I hear calls, yes it has entered me a WhatsApp, yes I have received an email,… To have it on your wrist you hear all the notifications that you come, and without having to spend all day in the hand with the mobile. In addition, depending on what model and brand of smartwatches, you can respond, and make calls, answer and make posts.

But the smartwatches utilities are not there, also there are models that have built-in GPS for that when you make a trip can go following the route on the clock. If you like to play sports you can take it to keep control of your physical activity because there are clocks that make measurement of the heart rate. And so we can continue to complete a long list of utilities, which you can customize according to the activities that you perform, according to your taste…

There are a variety of models, prices, therefore, to help you focus the subject a bit, we're going to show a list with a few very interesting smartwatch, and that you can be very useful to locate the model you want to give, or you want to buy :
1 SAMSUNG S3 GEAR: With this smartwatch you'll find a very similar to a traditional watch design, but behind it is all a mobile technology. It is compatible with all Android phones, and some versions of iOS.

2 LG WATCH STYLE: It must also highlight the great design of this watch. It has great compatibility with mobile phones by what you can, without any problem, send messages, voice, or emojis with single notes slide keyboard.

3. ASUS ZENWATCH 3: This smartwatch has great performance thanks to the new chip that Asus has integrated it. Among its most outstanding features say that it has 4 GB of internal storage, resistance to dust and water, and features a built-in microphone that allows you to make calls from your wrist.

4 HUAWEI WATCH 2: This Chinese Mobile has managed to exceed the expectations of its predecessor. With GPS and built-in NFC, and a wide variety of applications, makes it a very interesting smartwatch. Also aesthetically sports, sturdy, and stylish.

5.-MOTOROLA MOTO 360: the second generation of Motorola not only has a great design, but that functionally is also one of the great smartwatches. Highlights of this Motorola is its incredible resistance to dust and water, carries function pedometer, cardiac sensors, and an automatic brightness control.

6 SONY SMARTWATCH 3: The newest of the smartwatch is that it has a USB port. Otherwise it is a very complete watch with which to receive notifications of messages, calls, WhatsApp… It also carries GPS so she can do the registration of your physical activity.

7 MISFIT PHASE: Is brand is mainly known for its activity bracelets, and now it has launched with its first smartwatch. Its strong point is its value for money. It is a very affordable price watch, and whose performance and designs, are at the height of the largest. Another strong point of this smartwatch is its battery, lasts more than one day without charge.

Made the list with the selected smartwatches, let's move to show the comparative tables of Savemoney.es so that you can locate the country in which Amazon have their best offer, and so buy the model you choose at the lowest price: