If you have kids aged between 6 and 11, and they liked the last movie 3 Gru, you must buy them Gru 3 book collection. My favorite villain that has taken the Publisher Anaya.

There are a total of 6 books that form the Gru 3 collection. My favorite villain of Anaya that can learn, and have fun. Each of them has a different theme, but the best thing is that you teach the titles of each of them so you can see that:

  • 3 GRU. THE great search for the Unicorn: this book children will enjoy the adventures of the little Agnes, and his passion for unicorns. Do you get capture one for will fulfill one of his biggest dreams? It will be so great with this book.

  • 3 GRU. Search and find: this book will love it, and it is going to go big. They will have to find the girls, the Minions, Gru, Lucy, and bananas that they like. They will be able to find them? Buy this book, and you'll see how they enjoy, you will have them long hours entertaining.

  • 3 GRU. COMPLETE guide of inventions and vehicles: with this book, they can choose from spies, or be villains, and you will find everything you need to save the world, or planning how to master it. It is a very complete guide to inventions, vehicles, secret lairs, "Gru mi villano favorito", with technical specifications, models,…

  • 3 GRU. GAMES and activities: If your kids are manirás, and the crafts they like, this is your book because you can build a model of Clive, Bratt robot Assistant. But you will not only find is model also includes puzzles, games, and activities, all with Gru-based. They will have so much fun with this book.

  • 3 GRU. COLORING book: Painted if they are more than that of has you craftwork, this book will like them more. All scenes, and favorite characters from this movie in this book are ready for coloring. They'll be entertained long time.

  • 3 GRU. MEGA STICKERS and games: they are going to go very well with this book that has more than 1000 stickers, and a lot of activities, puzzles, and challenges for coloring.

As you can see, you have many options, and the Gru 3 collection is very comprehensive. My favorite villain of Anaya, so here are the comparative tables of Savemoney.es so you can choose which you like best, or that you like to your kids: