The other day in the post "toys that are run out of these Christmas" you already anticipate toys this Christmas are going to petal, and whose forecast is that, later, end up more soon running out. The list that we gave is what makes all the years the Spanish Association of toy manufacturers. As well, this same Association has created another listing only with toys of the Mattel brand this year will beat sales record.

In this list of toys made by the Spanish Association of manufacturers of toys, you'll find toys that favor more mental, physical, emotional, and social development of the child.

So, don't miss these Christmas toys, and is not due to lack of support from, we're going to show the listing with the star of Mattel toys. That Yes, we will do it showing you the comparative tables of so that you can locate the country in which Amazon has the best price, and so can buy your toys at the cheaper price:

  1. Smart racing HOT WHEELS Edition: For children over 8 years, which like cars, this is your toy. Hot Wheels has improved its cars in this Edition, and they run faster. They can play in Championship mode, practice mode, or free play.
  2. MEGA BATMOBILE: This toy is intended for ages 14 +. The Mega Batmobile has a built-in camera that shows you the vision of Batman while driving, jumping, or launches missiles, and you will see it in a mobile phone.
  3. MOVI SUPERROBOT: It is indicated for the kids, it is a toy for children from 3 years. This robot will help them to learn letters, learn shapes, even has a feature that allows you to dance, and rotate 360 degrees. With Movi Superrobot you will learn in a fun way.
  4. BARBIE and horse SUPER interactive: the Barbies never pass of fashion, and much less when is updated, and is put to the last, with the hair super interactive that accompanies to Barbie. You can caress you, comb him, feed, and even talk because interactive super Barbie hair, can answer Yes, or no, to the questions you do you. They can also upload to Barbie on it, and so to be able to ride.
  5. ENCHANTIMALS: Are a group of girls who share an amazing physical resemblance to different pets accompanying to each of them. With these dolls that love their pets, you'll get to instill in your children the love for animals. The Enchantimals are suitable for children from 3 years.