Whenever he spoke of smartwatches model that I always came to the head was the Apple Wach, buuut I have discovered a great model, for Android and iOS, which in terms of features and design, is amazing. I am referring to the Huawei Elite Watch.

If you can see this model, aesthetically is a genuine Swiss watch but with the functions of intelligent technology.

Huawei Elite Watch is compatible with any smartphone that go with Android 4.3 or higher, even is compatible with iOS, need an operating system iOS 8.2 or higher.

It has a screen of 42 mm in diameter, and the screen stays on always, in this way, when you see it, you never imagine that hides behind a smart watch. Screen of Sapphire Crystal scratch, with AMOLED technology of high-definition, and housing of stainless steel, along with belts of fine leather, or stainless steel resistant to choose, is what this great clock is composed Huawei Elite Watch.

You can customize the fields, so you can give your Huawei Elite Watch style that you like, and change it whenever you want.

In terms of functions, apart from those of a watch as it is to give the 😜 time, you can control your physical activity. A motion sensor that will make register you your activity, and is so precise that it identifies perfectly if you walk, run, or scales. You can even define goals and Huawei Elite Watch will let you know when you get them.

What’s more cool of the smartwatches, or at least to my is one of the things that I like most, is the entrance of the notifications. You will receive at the Huawei Elite Watch the WhatsApp, messages, calls, emails… You can customize it so that all notifications that we want you to watch, what do not have to be all the time with the phone in your hand to know what happens.

Entering you notice the clock also has the advantage that will make you save battery power on your mobile. And the watch is equipped with a battery of 1 whole day giving him enough use. In addition, you can have the clock 100% battery within 1 hour of charging, approximately.

Because now only show you we the comparative tables of Savemoney.es with models that are available at Amazon, and so you can locate the country in which Amazon has their best offer: