After tomorrow, Wednesday, October 18, now it will be available in new and highly anticipated game Gran Turismo! Peeeero if you do not want to wait long queues at the shops to buy it, the option is better book now at Amazon.

Many are the advantages of Amazon pre-sale, and is, to begin with, don't pay anything to make the booking. I.e., there are many sites asking to book yourself some money as a signal, because Amazon does not pass that. Moreover, you will pay your game when you go on the way home, da just have the reservation made for a month, the money will be in your pocket during this time.

Another great advantage of the reserves at Amazon is that you have the presale price guaranteed. And that means that if since you do the booking until the game goes on sale there are variations in price, Amazon always charge you the lower price.

And now we have to talk to you about the last great advantage, and is that, without leaving home, without having to wait in queues, you can play Gran Turismo on the same day that goes on sale. We're going that if you make the reservation with Amazon, and choose shipping "Shipping" option as 1 day Wednesday 18 October you'll be playing Gran Turismo.

That Yes, keep in mind that the option "1-day shipping" If you're not of Amazon Prime will cost you € 3.99 more. But if you're Amazon Prime you'll have this option free of charge.

If it is that already you have been counting on that for Amazon Prime have many advantages, and that only with what you save on shipping costs, anything that you make 6 purchases throughout the year, you've amortized the € 19.95 annual fee.

Although it is important for you to remember if you have not ever been Amazon Prime, or were you making a lot of time, you have the option of being Amazon Prime 30 day trial free of charge. If this is your case, that you expect? Let's go!!! Now start your free registration on Amazon Prime.

Because views all the advantages that has great tourism in Amazon book, you leave the comparative tables of so that you can choose the Edition you want to buy your Gran Turismo: