Are you looking for a Vídeoportero?? You know Ring video Doorbell?? Not yet?? Well calm that right now we tell you all about Ring video Doorbell, which is not a simple video doorman, is much more than that. With Ring video Doorbell you will be able to watch the door of your house from your mobile, tablet, or computer. When we comment on what the subject is going to interest you and much, especially, thinking about the holidays. You will not be afraid to leave your home alone because with Ring video Doorbell, if you want, you'll always be home. Ring Video Doorbell carries a motion sensor camera, and features bidirectional audio communication, plus HD-quality video. You don't need to be home to know who's knocking on your door, and talking to the caller at that time, all in real time. Yes, yes, you read well, if you're at work and there's a visit to your home you can see it, for example, on your phone, and keep a conversation with her. By day, at night (through infrared), with rain, with sunshine, you will always see who knocks at your door, with great quality, because as we said before your camera is HD, and with its angle of great vision, you will not escape any detail. In addition Ring video Doorbell allows to customize the motion sensors, this way you can choose the areas you want to monitor, and the degree of motion you want to detect, this way you will have motion alerts depending on what you want Configure. In addition to the alerts you can create when the doorbell rings, of course. And do not think that the installation of Ring video Doorbell is very complex. Mount and set up the video doorman it'll only take a few minutes. In the box you will find a mounting kit, and the instructions, which will make the assembly very simple. This summer you will go on vacation very quiet, you can have controlled who goes to your house is the time it is. The only thing you have to do, in addition to configuring it to your liking, have the battery recharged, that for you to take your accounts lasts about 6 months per load. Now we just have to show you the different finishes available from Ring video Doorbell. Venetian bronze, antique brass, polished brass and satin nickel, what do you like the most?     [Savemoney asin = "B071JF2ZRR, B00TZAO9DK, B071JF32DG, B072Q48WQR"]