You are looking to make an original and unique gift for a small between 4 and 8 years??? Well, we have an idea you’re going to love. This is the book My Magic Story, a 100% personalized book that, as we said before, is a unique gift for children.    In My Magic story each book has a different story, and each child is the protagonist of the book. The book My Magic Story is DIN A4 size in landscape, made up of quality sheets. In the stories of My Magic Story is played with the letters of the name of the child, so, depending on the number of letters, can vary the number of sheets that the book is composed. Yes, My Magic story guarantees a minimum of 38 pages to compose the history of the book. You just have to give the name of the small one you are going to gift, and My Magic story will be responsible for generating a unique story. When the small read it will discover that he is the protagonist, the hero of the adventures that are developed in the book. What we like about this gift, from this book of My Magic Story, is that they will keep it for life, is a book they will keep, and when they are older they will remember it with a great affection. In addition, you can make it even more unique and special by adding a dedication at no extra cost. You see, not that we say it, My Magic Story is a unique gift for children. If in the end you decide for this gift the only thing you have to keep in mind is that, as it is personalized, you have to tell that has a delivery time of 10 to 20 days approximately. Because we only have to show you the 3 different models of My Magic Story: