Garmin Fenix 5, know you? No??? Fenix 5 is the latest model of watch MultiSport taken Garmin that brings everything you need, design, and performance, more can ask for?

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The characteristics of the Garmin Fenix 5 is an all-terrain. Resistance, design and a compact finish, measures 47 mm or 42 mm in diameter, depending on the model you choose, and is finished in stainless steel, and with back wrought steel that makes it super tough. You can exchange the straps, so you can change you, and give you the style that you like to your watch.

Garmin Fenix 5 takes GPS, powered by Elevate heart rate sensor that makes the measurement through the wrist, and sensor of the great outdoors which includes the positioning of satellites GPS and GLONASS, altimeter barometric and 3-axis gyroscope compass.

So, whatever it is the sport that you practice, with this Garmin watch you take it all controlled. Profiles of activity, performance, statistics, performance metrics, smart notifications metrics, even provides scores on the training sessions you do so you know if the intensity with which you are conducting the activity is effective, or not.

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