If you already have clear that you want a smartwatch, the next question you will have in mind is: what smartwatch I buy??? 

Today in Savemoney.es we are going to help you with this topic, and we will not do bombarding with a lot of smartwatch, we will focus on two models, one for Android, and another IOS (within the Apple models will give you two solutions, and later understand why).

Obviously this post is only a recommendation, then you know that there are a wide variety of brands and models.

Let's look at the model for Android first. After searching, and searching, reading, and rereading, the characteristics of the different models, and brands of smartwatch, we have decided to stay with Fossil Q Gen 3.

This Fossil smartwatch model brings together the perfect features. It counts not only with some functions that make it very complete, but it also has an aesthetic that few brands of smartwatch have achieved like Fossil. Both men's and women's designs, when you see them and you have them in your hand, are in front of a traditional watch. In addition, by allowing to change the straps you can give a sophisticated touch with the metallic mails, or something more casual with the leather straps.

As for the handling of this smartwatch Fossil Q Gen 3 is very simple, almost all functions are controlled from the clock itself. It opens the applications quickly, the layout of the menus is simple, and has very complete functions, it allows even to receive calls from the clock, or in other words you will be able to speak from him.

On the other hand is Apple, we were where we talked about two options, and that Apple gives the option to buy the Apple Watch Series 1, or the Apple Watch series 3.

Apparently the reason that the Apple Watch series 2 disappears is because of its great similarity with the new Apple Watch series 3. It has the same features as 2, and but including improvements like best screen resolution, best kernel which makes it even faster, now Apple Watch series 3 is submersible, and the Siri speaks in your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 1 for its part is the simplified version of series 3, so, if you have a smaller budget, the series 1 is a great option, its features are also very good, does not have the improvements of the series 3, but these before a large smartwatch igualment E

That said all this, and we can only show you the tables of Savemoney.es for you to buy the model you choose in the country where Amazon has its lowest price: