FIFA 19 can now be booked at Amazon!!!! This year there are two editions, is the standard that will go on sale on September 28, 2018, and the Champions edition, which will be released on September 25, 2018. And as always, making the FIFA 19 reservation at AMAZON has only advantages!!!! You still don't know what the advantages are of making your video game reservations on Amazon??? For starters, to make the reservation of your FIFA 19 on Amazon you will not have to pay anything in advance, you only have to process your purchase in the usual way, and not charge you any additional cost in concept of booking. On the other hand is the guaranteed pre-sales price offered by Amazon. This means that if the price of the game varies, and when the FIFA 19 goes on sale The price has varied, Amazon will charge you the lowest price. Ahhh, in addition, until you leave the Amazon installations your FIFA 19, and go on your way to your house, you will not be discounted anything of your account. And, another of the most important advantages of Amazon, and that in few places you will find, is that Amazon offers you to have the FIFA 19 in your house the same day of the launch. To be able to have this type of shipment you have to choose the option "Send 1 day" and select "Delivery the day of the launch" when processing your order. This shipping option is totally free if you are from Amazon Prime, and if you are not you will have to pay €3.99 additional for this type of shipment. So, if you're not even from Amazon Prime, you're already slow to sign up at Amazon Prime to be able to have this option without paying any extra expense. Also, if you haven't been to Amazon Prime ever, or you were a long time ago, you can now access the Amazon Prime being promotion for 30 days free trial. And another of the advantages to be taken into account when booking your FIFA 19, is the information that Amazon will offer during the process, and is that, if there is any variation on the release date, they will send you a mail informing of the changes. It is clear that it is worth the reservation of the FIFA 19 at Amazon. Choose the edition, and the format you want to buy, and make the reservation of your FIFA 19 on Amazon: