From 26 September will begin to go on sale the different editions of the famous FIFA 18 game, would be the first to have it, and pay for it at the lowest price? Yes, as attentive because in we are going to tell how, and where.

The site is clear, and is Amazon, which offers you the possibility of having your FIFA 18 at home the same day that goes on sale, and the price lower, because although reserves it today, if the price falls at the time which goes on sale Amazon guarantees you that it will charge you the lower price.

IMPORTANT! The option of receiving the game FIFA 18 the day of release is not available in all editions, so if you’re going to want to have it is option you will have to check out the options in each case. It is very simple, what you see in the image below will appear:

Another important thing that you need to know is if you’re Amazon Prime you’ll have a free shipping option the day of release, and if you aren’t, you will have to pay additional € 3.99 for this shipment. So, you think that it can be a very good option give you high on Amazon Prime, and above all, if you have not been previously given high, because you can be Amazon Prime 30 day trial free. Start your Amazon Prime free trial register now and book your FIFA 18.

That said, another good reason why book your FIFA 18 at Amazon is that it will not charge you anything for booking of the game, i.e. you can now book your game, and Amazon will not charge you anything guarantee. Cargo pass it you when your 18 FIFA road to your House.

Another advantage for those who are Amazon Prime is that you can get €2 discount when you book the FIFA18 at Amazon. It may seem little, but, Hey, two eurillos are two eurillos 😜

And now, finally, let the comparative tables of with all possible issues that you can buy on Amazon of the 18 FIFA: