The 18 FIFA now has a release date, and will next September 26, 2017, buuut at Amazon you can book now without that cost you one euro! If you book FIFA 18 at Amazon not only this is the advantage that you will have, your game on Amazon book has waaaaay advantages.

The first thing that you want to remember is that you do Amazon Prime because many of the advantages that we're going to have, not cost you anything if you're Prime. Also remember that already we have been telling him you in other posts, if you haven't been before Amazon Prime, you can be it during 30 days trial free. It begins already you free registration on Amazon Prime.

During these 30 days can enjoy all the advantages that have be of Amazon Prime, free shipping on products Prime, access to Prime Video, Prime Photos,… That if, keep in mind that when you begin the period turns automatic renewal, so after 30 days the €19.95 which is the membership fee to be Prime was loaded in your account. So, if passed this time, not gonna want to remain Prime do not forget to enter your account, and disable the automatic renewal.

And now let's go to the advantages which set aside your game FIFA 18 at Amazon with Amazon Prime.

First of all is what you are or aren't of Amazon Prime, as you had at the beginning, to book your game, Amazon does not charge you anything in reservation, and in addition will not charged you until you FIFA18 go on the way to your House.

If you are Amazon Prime in addition the shipping will be free, and you can also choose the option "1 day shipping", and this means that you can have the game at home the day of the launch. If you are Amazon Prime you have this service available but it will cost you € 3.99 more.

Another very important advantage, which affects both those who are Prime, as those who do not, is that you have guaranteed pre-sale price. This means that if from that reservation you play until you receive it at home, there are changes in the price, always the lowest price you will be charged.

And, to finish, we have tell you another advantage only for those who are Amazon Prime, and is by subscribing to this service you will receive € 2 discount on the purchase of the 18 FIFA.

Nothing, now we can only show you the comparative tables of so you can see all the options that you have available to book your FIFA 18: