Nintendo New 2DS XL is available in two special editions, and limited. Want to know what they are? Well, there they go:

Nintendo New 2DS XL Edition Pokéball, and Nintendo new 2DS XL Pikachu are the two limited editions of Nintendo, so if you want to have any of them do not delay, and buy yours before they run out.

The difference between these two Nintendo consoles are their housings, otherwise, both functions and features are those of a Nintendo New 2DS XL.

Briefly we will tell you that the Nintendo 2DS XL has a screen of almost 5 inches, is very light, carries stylus touch, and includes a memory card MicroSDHC that goes inside the prop to console.

In addition to the Nintendo New 2DS XL you will be able to play with all the Nintendo 3DS games in 2d.

Let us again, to finish, the tables with these two models of console in limited edition of Nintendo so you can locate, and buy, in the country where Amazon has its lowest price: