If you have children at home already know, by experience, that the Spinner is the toy that has been very, but very much in vogue. Rare is the child who does not have one, or is asking for a Spinner.

If you have not yet purchased one, but you're looking for it at Amazon, there are many models, and then we will show them you with comparative pictures of Savemoney.es so you can buy them at the best price within Amazon. But before, we'd like to tell you briefly the history of these Spinner that is very interesting, and we are sure that you will like to know it.

The Spinner was created by an American mother to get remove the stress your daughter with this toy got his daughter allusion his energy to the movement that the Spinner makes between the toes. Curiously he patented this contraption but by economic problems not it could continue paying the cost of the patent fee, so now that you are having this impact, and the Spinner are sold by millions around the world, its inventor not being nor an only euro.

Is woman created the Spinner in 1997 but it is not known when or why it has become a fashion toy, as they were in other times toys like the spinning top, yoyo, the boomerang

The Spinner plus a game, being also checked that it works very well at a therapeutic level for hyperactive children, or with autism, because it helps them release energy, and relax.

The Spinner can find them of many types, there are two, or three arms, different materials, metal, plastic, even with led lights.

As with all toys of this type that gets fashion, tricks, challenges, and different ways to play are created. I.e. Besides turning them the finger, already playing to pass it from one hand to another Spinner to stop rotating, or even turn it on another Spinner, or nose, go here already leaving have their relaxing initial function, to develop the skills of children, and safe for those who are not so small also have begun to turn in their hands the Spinner. On social networks, there are already a lot of videos where you can learn a lot of tricks, and challenges to achieve.

Well, because since we have co-opted the curious history of the Spinner, here are the comparative tables of Savemoney.es with some of the many models that are sold at Amazon, and whose price varies depending on the complexity of the Spinner: