Come on, one more day, to show you a promotion that is available on Amazon with which you can get €2 discount on your subscription in Prime. As it could not be otherwise, it will be here, in, where we will explain what you have to do to get them. It's very simple, the Amazon promotion with which you can get €2 discount on your Prime subscription, you get them if you make the pre-purchase of any of these video games that are in Presales on Amazon. You won't have to do anything else because the moment Amazon sends your order home, the €2 will automatically be deducted from your annual subscription. The most important thing about this promotion is that you only have until July 20, and it is only for video games that are in pre-sale, and that are in this selection made by Amazon. So simple, and without more mystery, you can have €2 discount on your Amazon Prime subscription. Ah Well, we have not said, but obviously so that Amazon can apply the €2 discount you have to be discharged at Amazon Prime, either in the subscription payment, or in the free trial period. If you are interested in promotion, and you are not from Amazon Prime, here we leave you what is necessary so that you can start your subscription to Amazon Prime. Here are some of the games you can find in the selection made by Amazon for this promotion: [Savemoney asin = "B07BDYT58L, B07CSYVNZ7, B07DQ7R9GW, B07DPTZ2ZF, B07DPR5PFX"] [Savemoney asin = "B07DDSHSF1, B07DP7BYW1, B07BDZPK97, B07D3LDM5P, B07D4ZLGCY "] [Savemoney asin =" B00DD0ADBA, B07BF1SNJR, B07DDWXZFQ, B07DPCVNLJ, B07BN7PGCP "] [Savemoney asin =" B07DNN4PHT, B01M9COSMD, B07DMF77LJ, B01H25FDTI, B07C7ZSWQQ "] [Savemoney asin =" B07D87SQ67, B07CCFRZDB "]