Ago awhile in the post “DASH BUTTON: buy giving A a button already is possible on AMAZON” we told you about the new purchasing system from Amazon called Dash Button. With this system you can buy various products with only give a button.

Because today I can tell you that 14 new brands are which are attached to this system of sale from Amazon.

NESCAFÉ, Borges, Cola-Cao, Nesquik, Mr. clean, Duracell, Haribo,…, and so we can follow up to a total of 35 different Dash Button, allowing you to access this system to over 500 different products.

At the end of the post I will teach you all the comparative tables of with all the Dash Button that are available, but before we want to make a brief summary of what and how to use the Dash Button. But if you want to see more information don’t forget to visit our post DASH BUTTON: buy giving A a button already is possible on AMAZON”

To start to tell you that in order to access these Dash Button you’ll have to be Amazon Prime. Then, if you’re not it, and not have you ever been, you can access a 30 day trial period where, free of charge, to enjoy all the advantages that have to be Amazon Prime. It begins already you free registration on Amazon Prime.

You have a Dash Button only will cost you € 4.99, and you will only have to match it with the product you want, i.e. through the App, you decide what product you want that I get you home when you click it. And don’t worry if pressed accidentally several times the button because I will have a security system so that not an order comes to you until you do not receive another, and also when you leave the product on the way home, a message enabling you to cancel you will receive and l order in the event that you’ve pressed by mistake.

You also now have a promotion, and by placing the first order, you will get €4.99, are going to return to what it has cost you the Dash Button.

Mola, truth? Maybe the story is not to have all the Dash Button, but there are products that can be very comfortable having it, and so you despreocupas.

Because nothing, we are going to show you all the Dash Button that are available, so you can choose which will make shopping easier:

Remember that if you need more information about the Dash Button you can visit our post “DASH BUTTON: buy giving A a button already is possible on AMAZON”