And after the Black Friday comes the turn to Cyber Monday!!!!

Now, look where we look, everything is Black Friday, but do not forget that after Friday 24 November, day of Black Friday, arrives on Monday November 27, day of Cyber Monday.

The main difference between the Black Friday and the Cyber Monday is that in the latter the offers are only made online. It is true that, among the stores in Spain, the Cyber Monday is somewhat less widespread than the Black Friday but not within Amazon.

For Amazon, the Cyber Monday is as important as the Balck Friday, and it takes thousands of products with great discounts.

So, if among the products that come out on sale on the Black Friday is not what you were looking for, or needed, the same thing you find on Monday November 27 on the Cyber Monday.

Amazon for this day prepares the same system as for the Black Friday, ie you will find thousands of products with offers of the day that will be active throughout the day, or to exhaust the units. And on the other hand, there will be Flash offers, which last a limited time, and where they are going out new every hour.

Peeeero, the most important thing to take advantage of, and get the best deals on both the Black Friday and the Cyber Monday, is:

1.-Be AMAZON prime: If you are prime you will save the shipping costs on all the prime products you buy. In addition, you will find out before anyone offers because you will have priority access to Flash offers.

By the way, you've never been registered on Amazon Prime, or you were a long time ago, because you take advantage of this Amazon offer, and sign up for Amazon Prime for a 30-day trial for free.

During these 30 days you will enjoy all the advantages of being Amazon Prime, free shipping, 1 day shipping, access to prime Video, access to Prime Now, …. If after 30 days you will not want to remain of Amazon Prime, do not forget to enter your account and disable automatic renewal.
2.-Subscribe to the channel TELEGRAM SAVEMONEY.ES:

In our channel of Telegram not only follow the offers of Spain, but also enjoy the offers that Amazon take in other countries. We will look for the best deals for you, and we'll tell you the country where Amazon has its best price.

Easy, and simple, so be prepared with these two tips to get the best deals on the Black Friday, and on the Cyber Monday.