In the post “Costumes Carnival 2017″ already I have given ideas with the most innovative, and most original costumes to spend a fun carnival. I teach there costumes for all ages, but today I want to tell the costume girls more to ask, we will put another way, the disguise that packs a punch, and that are eventually depleted. 

We are talking about the disguise of Ladybug, the famous television series “Prodigiosa: the adventures of the Ladybug”. This year all the girls want to go disguised of Marinette, the teenage high school student, who along with teammate Adrien, are transformed into two super heroes, Ladybug, and Chat Noir, respectively. Ladybug, and Chat Noir, have the mission secret of protect to the Parisian of them attacks of the super villain Le Papillon.


These super heroes is breaking records, and is one of the series most seen by children, we are sure, that are eventually depleted his disguise. So if like that your small can take the disguise of this year, not let’s buy the costume of Ladybug.

Then you are going to show the different options you have for this costume Ladybug at Amazon, that Yes, with the comparative tables of so that you can shop in the country that best offer there.

These are costumes and accessories that are available from Ladybug, within some of them, you’ll find the same model in different sizes, so you can adjust the costume at the age of your small:

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