It will be on February 10 when it comes to the big screen the second part of fifty shades of Grey, whose title will be "Fifty shades more dark". Still have you not read this novel you've been best sellers? Because not you it think, and although go to see the film, do not let of read this trilogy erotic of E.L. James that has been all a revolution.


We recommend this read the trilogy before seeing the movie because the origin of this phenomenon has been literary, therefore, it is best that you start with the books, and get your imagination by the story told by E.L. James describing the erotic relationship between a girl and a young entrepreneur.

As it already some time since it went on sale the successful trilogy of fifty shades of Grey, you can choose between different editions, and packs. And that's what today we are going to show, all the options that you have available:


And if you have not convinced on this read the trilogy of fifty shades of Grey, here we bring you part one on DVD, so you don't have to have imagination, and you see everything with details 😜