We have already spoken on other occasions of the advantages ironing centers, and it is that it tends to be one of the tasks that most difficult to do at home, and what help is appreciated. Therefore, today we are going to talk about the center of ironing Philips Perfect Care Aqua Pro, which you'll notice a big difference when it comes to ironing.

It is true that there are many models, brands, prices,…, but I already warned that not all offer the same results. There with very little power of steam, with heavy plates, with very small deposits… Philips Perfect Care Aqua Pro has everything you need for ironing quickly, and when finish won't be beaten up.

Philips Perfect Care Aqua Pro offers an ironing ultra-potent, both horizontal and vertical, the iron is super light, and the water tank, which you can recharge when you need it, has a capacity of 2.5 litres, which translates into about 3 hours of ironing.

Another great advantage of Philips Perfect Care Aqua Pro is that it gives equal the type of garment you are ironing. Without having to be regulating temperature, carries a technology called OptimalTemp, that what it does is automatically regulates the temperature and steam generation to suit the type of garment you are ironing, this way you never burns the garment you are ironing either silk or cotton.


One of the most important factors in a center of ironing is the generation of steam, while more steam, the garment stays better ironed, with less effort, and in less time. Because Philips Perfect Care Aqua Pro has an engine that generates a powerful super steam, with 6.7 bars of pressure, which if you look at other models of pressed Center, few reach this power.

If you are buying this ironing Philips Perfect Care Aqua Pro Center, you will not regret nor the least, and that, when testing a good ironing Centre, which provides you the thing, already you will not want to see a conventional iron or in paint.

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