Surely those who have a coffee capsules you spend the day looking for capsules compatible with your coffeemaker. Because as Amazon knows everything, and does not miss a detail, looking to give a new service to its customers, has created the Café Limona. It is the Amazon brand with which you will be able to enjoy a high quality coffee and a great taste. Café Limona owes its high quality to farmers who grow this coffee. All of them are certified by UTZ which is what accredits them as farmers who have implemented best agricultural practices offering respect to the planet, and the environment.        The coffee flavor is subtle and balanced, is a coffee 100% arabica that makes it taste extremely rich. The Café Limona you can find not only in capsules compatible with Nespresso, but you also have coffee ground, or grain, to enjoy in your Italian coffee, automatic, or electric, all of them natural toast. They taste amazing!!!! When you taste the coffee you will enjoy the flavor, but much more you will like their prices. And, as it could not be otherwise, the price that has put Amazon to both the coffee ground or grain, and capsules, is tremendously competitive. Next, we show you with the tables, the different varieties of coffee that you can buy: [Savemoney asin = “B07C79Y6JJ, B07C78MCQX, B07C6SZKW7, B07C6T3DKC, B07C75CT2B”] [Savemoney asin = B07C747WVZ, B07CGXNYC4, B07C6T1WPP, B07C6SZJF7 “] [Savemoney asin =” B07C75F76K, B07CGXZMT3, B07C79Y6KQ “] Some of the varieties are available in pre-sales, so if that is the variety you like, make the reservation of your coffee and as soon as Amazon has it available you will send it home. Remember that pre-sales products can be booked at no extra cost, Amazon will only charge you when the order is on your way home. Feel free to try the different varieties of Amazon coffee, you will be convinced of its taste and price.