Canon joins the celebration of Valentine's day, and this year to celebrate it, wants you to enjoy photography as a couple, because if you buy a camera Canon that are within this promotion at Amazon, you have a Gourmet card free so you invite your partner to a great meal, or cena, what you prefer.

But let's go by parts, first, we'll show you the Canon cameras that are within this special offer Valentine:


And, now, that surely already have chosen the camera Canon that like buy, spent to tell you what have that do to have your card Gourmet. The most important thing you need to know is that promotion is valid only if you buy at Amazon one of the cameras that you have shown, and do so before 14 February 2017.

Once clarified this, now we can only explain the process that you must follow. It first, is enter to register your camera in Canon in the link, and have of time to do it until the 28 of February of the 2017.

Then of make your record, will receive a mail electronic of Canon with the code that have that enter to activate the card Gourmet.

Now comes the second part, and is know as the redeem your card Gourmet, which is very simple. To start not you become by the time because since receive the mail with the code of your card Gourmet have 3 years to activate it, and once the actives, have 1 year to use it.

To make the book have that enter in, there you can choose between more than 1,200 restaurants, and select any date, and any time.

Simple, truth? Do not think, take advantage of this promotion of Canon, and Amazon, until it runs out, and you and your partner to enjoy a meal or romantic dinner, where, and when you want, completely free.