ANDA have not told times that that you can buy practically everything, and almost any brand at Amazon, but that is true. And proof of this, in the post today, are going to prove once again that it is so, and are going to talk about another great brand that also sells its products at Amazon, and that sure that you neither knew.

The brand of which we speak is IKEA! Yes, Yes, you read correctly, IKEA has available the possibility of buying part of its products through Amazon. And it is a great advantage because IKEA recently opened online shop, but I don't know if you've seen the barbarity that charge on the shipping, from €55, and hence up so well it is worth seeing if what they want to buy at IKEA is available at Amazon.

With Amazon you know that if you're Prime, and the products it is Prime, shipping costs are free, and if you are not a Prime, or the product is sold by a third party, shipping costs are not so exorbitant as having IKEA.

Here you can see all products of IKEA sold at Amazon. But we want to make you save even more, so, we are going to show you some products that IKEA sells at Amazon with the comparative tables of so that you can locate the country in which Amazon has your best deal. So, when you find the product of IKEA that you want to buy, don't forget to check with the search box on where the price is lowest to make your purchase.

Dishes, glasses, chairs, lamps,…, and many more products you can buy from IKEA at Amazon:


View all products that IKEA sells at Amazon