Now it can buy mobile Xiaomi at Amazon! If you are one of those who this Chinese brand you like but you want to buy your products in a web of trust, you can already do this. Amazon opens its new Smartphones Xiaomi section!

The great advantage is that the mobile Xiaomi will be sold and shipped by Amazon. That means that any problem you won't walk you fighting with Chinese stores, but you will do directly with Amazon. And at Amazon "fights" are nothing more than expose your problems, and will be resolved immediately.

In addition, using at Amazon, some models can have them at home from one day to another. Ended having to wait weeks for Chinese companies send you to Spain.

The great strength of the mobile Xiaomi is its value for money. Therefore, lately for those who like Chinese technology, Xiaomi is getting to be one of most best-selling Chinese brands.

Among the novelties introduced by Xiaomi Amazon are their mobile Xiaomi Mi 2 MIX, Xiaomi Mi 6, and my A1 Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 with a curved screen nearly 6 inches, and a base made of ceramic, is one of mobiles Xiaomi trying to compete with the stronger market. This phone, for those who already know him, know that it is the Mi Xiaomi MIX 2 by second generation, a device that is revolutionizing the world of screens.

Xiaomi Mi 6, his large strong is your battery, your performance, and your super camera that, even in poor light conditions, you will have some amazing pictures.

On the other hand, Xiaomi my A1, is one of the most sought after mobile of Xiaomi. It's competing with his camera that includes a double lens with wide angle.

Obviously these characteristics of these mobile Xiaomi are only a small part, but today we want to focus on give you know the mobile Xiaomi which you can buy at Amazon.

Why, then, we are going to show the comparative tables of with the mobile Xiaomi which you can buy at Amazon:

Yet Amazon start adding more models, but for the moment, these are the mobile Xiaomi you can buy.