If you follow us in a way more or less usual insurance which you may have read many times when we say that that "at Amazon you can buy practically of all". As well, in what today we are going to count, Amazon takes another step forward, and it's now possible to pay on other websites with the Amazon, flipante account!

The new system from Amazon called Amazon Pay, and is what allows you, with your username and password from Amazon you can pay your purchases from other websites online.

One of the great advantages of this Amazon Pay System, is that you will avoid having to make different records on the various websites, which will prevent you having to remember different usernames, and passwords. In addition to using Amazon Pay will give you the tranquility of having your bank details in an account as safe as Amazon. We are sure that many times you have seen products that interest you but by not knowing the web, it has given you fear meter payment data, and you've gone from making the purchase. As with Amazon Pay this will not happen you because you know that you can make your purchase without putting data on the web, and make payment through Amazon Pay. It is important to know that Amazon never happen your bank details to the website in which you are making your purchase, so you'll be making a completely secure payment through Amazon.

The websites that are associated with this Amazon Pay payment system are many and varied, i.e., you can find clothes, travel, tickets, insurance,…, up to donations in NGOs can do with Amazon Pay.

It must be said that this system of payment was already being used in other parts of the world, and the success has been overwhelming, especially among customers who are Amazon Premium. And it is that we are already counting it long since becoming Amazon Premium has more advantages. Have not tried it yet? Now, Amazon offers the possibility to those who have never been Amazon Premium to be during 30 days trial free of charge. Already begins you Amazon Premium test period, and enjoy all the advantages, so you'll know if you're really interested, or not this service.

Returning to the topic of Amazon Pay, for the moment, 50 companies are already which already include Amazon Pay in their purchasing processes, one of them is the airline Vueling, which will be the first Spanish airline to introduce this system of payment. But we are sure that in a short time are many more websites in which you can pay via Amazon.

As you can see this payment system is very promising both for consumers, who can buy more sites with complete peace of mind and security, as for sellers, who will find a way that their products are most sold to have a platform of payment backed by Amazon.

Now we'll see it but we are sure that Amazon Pay will give much to talk about.

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