Have you ever thought that a dustbin can be design?? It would make you molar to have a dustbin that was decorative, and had a in?? As Bo Touch Bin of Brabantia is more than a dustbin, it is a furniture of decoration where you can throw the garbage, and he who sees it, nor know that it is in front of a dustbin.

Bo Touch Bin is not to describe it, it is to see it:

What's the truth? Right now it is available in 4 colors, and in different sizes to make it easier to attach it to the space of your kitchen, or the stay where you want to place it.


You can choose between 1, 2, or 3, inner cubes, all removable. Each of its inner cubes has a capacity of 11 liters.

Also, Bo Touch Bin of Brabantia has legs that are adjustable and anti-slip.

and to open it?? It could not be otherwise, and had to go according to its design. With Bo touch Bin of Brabantia does not bend to open it, it opens in a quiet way with a slight touch.

And so that the adjustment of the garbage bags are appropriate, on the top of each cube comes a code in color that identifies you the junk bag Brabantia you have to buy so that the fit to the cube is perfect.

As a curiosity we will tell you that these dustbins Bo Touch Bin of Brabantia has the bronze level of the certificate cradle-to-cradle, and you're thinking, and this, what is it? For neither more nor less than the guarantee that Brabantia designs its products fulfilling strict requirements for the reuse of materials, renewable energies, water management, and social equity.

Well, nothing, we just have to show you the tables of Savemoney.es with the different models that are, so you can locate the country where Amazon has its cheapest price: