You know that one of the best-selling books at Amazon, is the written by Noelia Hontoria grenadine? This just 29 years old, has managed to position itself among the top of best-selling books by Amazon, not only in Spain, but also in countries such as Mexico, Italy, and is that his novel has been translated into several languages internationally.

Novels are two which are while at the top to Noelia Hontoria. His first novel was "The girl of the sad eyes", and her second romantic novel has been "what never was".

In fact, second book "that never was", is among the candidates to win the contest Indie 2017 from Amazon. The truth is that they are two books that really is worth reading, so, if you have not read them, don't you think, if they are among the Bestsellers for something it will be!

So that you may know what is the thing we'll briefly tell the argument of these two books:

  • "The sad eyed girl": the story of Adriana who travels to Malta to start a life from scratch, and forget stormy past.
  • "That never was": it is the story of Aaron and Amanda, enclosing a beautiful love story, and it reminds us that what may not be at any given time, may be it in another. Life can be full of errors, or that we believe, the history of this novel is well worth knowing it.

Discover for yourself this writer and his books, which are reaching very quickly as high sales implementation. Here are the comparative tables of so that you can buy one or two books from Noelia Hontoria: