You want to get a body like Elsa Pataky? Because you have to read his new book “Challenge Max” combining fitness and good nutrition.

In “Max challenge” of Elsa Pataky along with Fernando Sartorius, specialist in nutrition and fitness personal trainer, will teach you exercises for toning, care of the body, kickboxing, yoga,..., all a combination of exercises that you will get get back in shape.

Truly “Max challenge” is a continuation of the first book who both wrote called “Intensity Max” in which he explained how in 90 days get change your lifestyle, and lead a healthy life, with a careful diet, and exercise.

Because “Max challenge” goes one step further and not only explains exercises and healthy diet, but it also explains the advantages. This book is making the things understanding the why so you find your motivation, and you are thus easier to take healthy habits.

In addition to “Challenge Max” are you which put limits, the book gives you the guidelines but you makes you the goals that you want to go, in fact the subtitle of the book is “to where you want to go!”

The best thing you can do is to buy the book, and you start as a new way of life by combining sport, and good nutrition. Here are the comparative tables of books ‘Challenge Max’ and ‘Intensity Max’