To the vast majority, is to hear say that we are in November, and the first thing that comes to mind is "BLACK FRIDAY"!!!!! For this year the Black Friday 2018 will be next Friday 23 November!!!! Those of you who do not know what we are talking about will be thinking, "What is Black Friday?" Calm that in we do not care every year explain what is the Black Friday, and how to find the best deals, within the madness that is bundled discounts. The Black Friday is celebrated on Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States, so this year's Black Friday 2018 will take place on Friday, November 23rd!!!!! So, to start well the first thing you have to do is, sign up on the agenda on Friday November 23, which is when the Black Friday 2018 will take place this year, so you do not forget. What happens that day? Well, the stores are launching the biggest discount campaign of the year. And the best place to follow it, for being where best offers launch, and more products, is at Amazon. and to locate the best deals of all Amazon stores on the day of Black Friday you have to use the search engine, so you garantizáis that your purchase is doing at the lowest price within Amazon. We cannot forget that Amazon celebrates Black Friday in all the countries where it has online store. How does the Black Friday work on Amazon? The day of the Black Friday Amazon brings out different types of offers. On the one hand are the Flash offers, products with big discounts that only last an hour, although there are times that run out before this time is over. During the 23rd of November Amazon will take thousands of new products in Flash offers every hour. On the other hand, take out the offers of the day, this type of offers, in principle, you have 24 hours to be able to access them, unless they end up running out of products before that time. Therefore, you have to be very attentive, and if you are interested, even if it is an offer that lasts all day, buy it as soon as possible. In addition, you will find thousands of brands with special discounts, and all this we will tell you in Both in our blog and in our channel Telegram Https:// will keep you informed of the best deals that come out in all countries where Amazon has store. Peeeero, Amazon not only stays on the 23rd of November, it is true that it is the strongest day of offers, and discounts, but throughout that week prior to November 23, Amazon is taking special offers. So, during that week you don't have to take your eye off our Telegram Https:// channel we will dedicate ourselves to search and publish the really good offers. What is the real utility of First of all, if you follow our channel of Telegram Https:// we will dedicate all that week to search and publish the really good offers. We will search in all countries to locate the best prices that Amazon launches in its products in the different countries. Also, if you have localized the products that interest you of Amazon, just put the link of Amazon in the search engine of you can see if the price of Spain is the lowest, or on the contrary, there is an even better offer in another country. Remember, as we said earlier, that Amazon celebrates the Black Friday in all countries where it has a store, and each of them takes different offers that you can get to locate thanks to the search engine for now, this is all that we can Tell about the Black Friday 2018 but as we have news we will tell you both in our blog, as in our channel Telegram Https:// join our channel Telegram Https://