You know what Nokia has scales? Yes, Yes, you read correctly, Nokia has different models of scales, in particular, are going today to talk about the new Nokia Body Cardio.

Most known Nokia for your mobile so, in, we felt it a good topic to raise awareness in today's post.

Nokia Body Cardio is not only a scale with which you can weigh but you can also keep track of your cardiovascular health, you can keep track of your weight, body fat, water, muscle mass percentage, and bone. With Nokia Body Cardio you can monitor your health with the Health Mate application simply.

The measurements carried out Body Cardio of your heart is through the speed of pulse wave, which is a medically-accepted measure.

Nokia Body Cardio with Position Control technology, which has been patented, precise control of body position offers optimum accuracy of measurements performed.

And now you're thinking, and this information is stored where? And can I see it? Because everything is recorded and stored, automatically on application Health Mate, which is connected to the scale by wifi or bluetooth. So you will only have to enter your username on this application to see all the data that goes with the Nokia Body Cardio scale.

Nokia Body Cardio allows you to check the data of up to 8 people, and won't have to do anything, her own you recognize, and save data from each. Even if you are pregnant, with this scale, you can take better control of your State health during this period of your life. And when you are the small at home with the baby mode, you can also control its growth.

And something very curious that makes Nokia Body Cardio is that when connected to wifi, it will show you a weather forecast where you live which will help you to know what to wear that day, if you have to take the umbrella, even activities that you can do that day.

You are not deceiving when you said that Nokia Body Cardio is much more than a scale. So, if you were looking for something more than a scale, Nokia Body Cardio is a great choice.

Now we can only show you the comparative tables of so you can buy your scale of Nokia in the country in which Amazon has their best offer, you also have it available in two colors: