There are already new Babypelones of new collaborators! Is time will have attached to this beautiful cause, of the fight against the cancer child, Ricky Martin, and Elsa Pataky.

Whenever there is a novelty of Juegaterapia we like sharing it with you. He main reason is to help to give to know these sweet, tender, and sympathetic dolls, that raise funds for the research against the cancer child, and create gardens children's in them hospitals, among others many workings that performs this organization.

The history of them Babypelones already I it have counted in the post "where buy them BABY PELONES of JUEGATERAPIA", if it read will discover the beautiful history that there are behind these dolls, already you warned that not you will leave indifferent, and that acabareis buying one of these Babypelones, or more 😉

If you are of which know them Babypelones to the perfection, and are making the collection of these precious dolls, you love them designs made by Ricky Martin, and Elsa Pataky. Also, already know it difficult that is get them Babypelones, will deplete very fast, so not afternoon in order the yours, before you stay without them.

Then, you show all them Babypelones that there are available of all those famous that already have collaborated with Juegaterapia doing the design of his handkerchief. And I said, do not delay in purchasing your Babypelon, or you'll be without him, and it will touch you to wait until they return them to replace:


* Note: If it does not appear in the comparative table of price means that, for the moment, that Babypelon is exhausted. If this is the case, we suggest that you open you a free account so that you can add them to your Favorites, and thus be able to know more easily detect when they become available.

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