We have good news! Are many which we have State asking for them, and after much time without know when would return, today already have date! From 1 February will be available the Babypelones!

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So, hurry up, and runs to book now your Babypelon until they are gone, who are behind of buy one, you already know that they fly. In addition to bring one because the Shakira Babypelon from February 4 is also available!

Here are the comparative tables of Savemoney.es so you book your Babypelones:


For those who will be the first time to see the Babypelones, I will say briefly are some solidarity dolls, whose scarves have been designed by different very famous people, and two of them, Jorge, and Maria, which are two children who have suffered cancer disease.

You can know the history of the Babypelones by visiting the post "Where buy the BABY PELONES of JUEGATERAPIA". There you have of where is born this history solidarity, and in that is used them funds of all what is collects with the purchase of them Babypelones.

Having said all that, to what is difficult to choose a just Babypelon? And is that if unite his solidarity mission, to the fun, and sweet expressions, no who can resist to buy a couple of them, or make the entire collection, are a real tenderness of dolls.

Certainly thinks that in addition to buying your Babypelon, if you do any gift can be a great idea, and we are sure will give it to who to love, and much more when you tell the story of the Babypelones, if it is that they do not know.