In these dates so marked, where any help for Santa Claus and the Magi is little, we always have the same question: Will my order in time for Christmas gifts or for the Kings? Today we are going to give you a series of recommendations to detect possible problems in time and not to stay without our gifts for the most marked days of the year. First of all, Amazon is aware of the fatality of buying a gift you need for a specific date. For this reason, there are special campaigns on Amazon's website to try to help shoppers get their purchases on time, as user satisfaction is one of Amazon's top priorities. In the specific case of Christmas gifts and magi gifts, Amazon indicates in each product not only the estimated delivery date, but explicitly marks whether the gift will arrive before Christmas or not. Just below the price, where it appears if there is stock or not, during the Christmas campaign we can see a message directly highlighted where we will indicate if the product we are seeing will arrive before or after Christmas. This clear and simple way we can have the best warranty from Amazon on the date of arrival of our Christmas shopping. Similarly, once the Christmas festivity has passed, a similar message will appear indicating whether the product will arrive before Reyes or not, giving us the same guarantee of the date of delivery of the order but for Magi. We also want to give you a tip that will help you not to screw up for Christmas shopping. and is that although Amazon will indicate that arrives or not before Christmas or magi every product, regardless of who is the seller, and above all, who is distributing it, we, from, we strongly recommend that if you hurry already Time, or it is vital that a toy or gift arrives for Christmas, choose only products sold by Amazon, or at least shipped by Amazon. That is to say, all those who have the Prime option, as there are vendors who make their own shipments, and estimates of their delivery periods are made. But these are not much less as precious as those of Amazon. In fact, there are many vendors who make shipments from abroad, as could be China, and these shipments can suffer delays for multiple reasons (customs, foreign parties, losses, etc.). That is why it is important to always look at who is shipping. To do this, Amazon always indicates who the seller is and who is responsible for sending it. But as a summary, you can quickly detect it if it appears that the shipment is prime or not (regardless of whether you have a prime subscription or not). We hope that these tips will be of your use and facilitate you the Christmas purchases.