Not I say that not have made a lot of times the purpose of learning English, and the same number of times you have been in the try. Almost all you put much effort to the principle but, to the end, by some things or others, it just leaving.

The main reason why we left our English classes is out of boredom peeeero there is a fun and original way to learn English, and that we were now going to tell. You are speaking of learning English with the book “English for perverts” of Venus or ‘ Hara.

ANDA that we have not heard again as the world first learned a language are tacos, with passes sex equal, and with this book you’ll learn all the vocabulary needed to understand you with a foreigner @ 😜 so, if you are atrevid @, you can’t miss this way to learn English.

What is the “English for perverts” book? Thus during the 8 chapters that have this book, you will learn vocabulary, grammar, with parts of the body, the LGBT, purchases of products sexis, the bed, the dark side, the sex, chat, and sexual health.

And to put into practice everything I learned, has a few original exercises, we are that you will spend it you very well with these kinds of English”sexual“. Learn from the more basic of the sex, until it more wild.

If you are daring not could leave of read this book, also if you tired of read, the writer Venus or ‘ Hara, to illustrated this book with a lot of photos.

Our recommendation is that probéis, do not lose anything, and on the other hand, you can learn something from English that no other book, Academy, or tutor, they dare to show you.