Amazon is already an official Apple distributor. So far, Apple had not officially entered the Amazon world, and was not among its official distributors. If you wanted to buy an Apple product at Amazon you could do it but through external vendors. It was never Amazon directly that sold you and shipped Apple products. Peeero, something has changed, and for a few weeks now we can find the Apple store at Amazon. The latest iPhone, the latest iPad, the latest MacBook,……, already sells and sends Amazon. When we search for your products, automatically at the top we will see a double bar. For example, if we look for a MacBook we will see this: in the upper part, and in a smaller size, we will see the different products of Apple, and in a second bar, already in a bigger size, are the products that are related to the search that we have made With this agreement between Apple, and Amazon, which aims to Apple, is to make disappear those "vendors" that nobody knows where they come from, and that sell, for example, an iphone XR for €500 without knowing if it is an original iphone. To comply with this commitment, Amazon has informed all its external vendors that, as of January 4, 2019, they will have to remove their products, and if they want to continue selling they must request to Apple their permission, and that they become authorized distributors. While all this is regularized, and gets underway at Amazon, if you want to buy an Apple device, and you want to ensure that this product has the full support of Apple, the only thing you have to fix is that, that IPhone , or that iPad, or any other Apple product that you want to buy, is sold and shipped by Amazon. In the following image you can see an example of a product that not only has the warranty of Amazon, but is also authorized to sell by Apple: