Surely in the news of the television, in the newspapers, or by different means of internet, you have heard of the "startups", that are the new companies created, generally, to give development to the innovation, to the development of the technology, or new ideas of Products. To give you support and visibility, Amazon has created Amazon Launchpad where it helps to market many of the products of these Spanish startups. If you enter Amazon Launchpad you will find the products of thousands of startups classified in categories, and you will be able to discover the great variety of products that you could not imagine Buying. Electronics products, food, toys, housewares, or personal care, you can find on Amazon Launchpad sold by these startups. All of them are innovative products, they are not the typical products that already hundreds of brands Market. To get an idea, and by way of example, you can buy, purses for criptomonedas, new lightings of LED smart, Original and comfortable cases for babies, baby food with organic products, dog tracker, Mobile for people More user-friendly,….. Then we leave the categories that are currently available on Amazon Launchpad so you can see the products that are available within each of them: