Surely you have heard about the smart devices Amazon Echo, because you know that is about to arrive in Spain!!!!! There are reports that Amazon has already contacted several Spanish companies, and with different clients, to do tests with Alexa, which is the virtual assistant that will communicate with Amazon Echo. Rumored many dates, one of them is the next Prime day, which is the event that Amazon does in July where he takes thousands of products with offers, promotions, and discounts throughout the day. Come on, in other words it’s a Black Friday from Amazon. But the date that lately takes more strength for the launch of Amazon Echo in Spain is the end of the year, Christmas may be the best time for Amazon. For those who do not know what this is about Amazon Echo, we will tell you that they are smart speakers created by Amazon, and that, for the moment, is only available in the UK, Germany, and the United States. Amazon Echo has several models is the original that is the model echo. Then there is another low cost that is the Echo Dot, which has a lower sound quality. And finally, there is the Echo Plus which is the high end, with a better sound quality. All Amazon Echo models consist of speakers that are always connected, and waiting to hear the keyword “Alexa” to answer your questions, and to execute the tasks you ask. You can ask Alexa to put on music, to make some purchases, to read the news, to give you time information,…. You can even connect it to different devices in your home to allow you to do actions such as regulating temperature, raising, and lowering the shutters, turning on the light, scheduling timers,…. In addition to these three devices, a 7-inch touch screen called Echo Show is also expected to go on sale. Also expected Echo Look is a smart camera. And Echo Spot, a round screen designed to have on the bedside table. You see, these Amazon Echo devices will make our home connected, and we can run actions wirelessly, all by voice, and quickly. Peeeeroooo, for now, we will have to wait a little longer to be able to have it in Spain. Yes, as soon as we have exact dates of their departure for sale, and their prices, we will tell you in so you can be the first to have them.