I already told you in the post "Dash button: Buy giving a button is already possible on Amazon" in what was Amazon DASH button. If you do not know what the story is not hesitate to visit this post, there we tell you in detail what is the topic. So as not to bore you, and not to be repetitive, by way of summary just say that, Amazon Dash button is a small device that connects via WiFi, so that, once you install it, and configure it, at the touch of a button you will receive in your home the product you choose. Each Dash Button is associated with a brand, and you decide the product you want to be linked to. Well, if at first, there were only a few brands that joined this system selling Amazon, now have joined more, and you have the ability to buy a variety of products through Amazon Dash Button. But before we go on, remind you that Amazon Dash Button is just a buying system that the Amazon Prime is accessing. If you want to try both being prime, and the Dash Button, it's very simple, now if you've never been to Amazon Prime, or you were a long time ago, you can be for a free 30-day trial period. Don't think about it, and start your registration at Amazon Prime. That said, now yes, we went to show you all the Dash Button that is available. If you are interested in any of these dash button, just click on the image of the Dash button you want to buy. Ahh!!!! Important, every Dash Button costs €4.99, but it can be yours for free. When you first press it, and make your purchase, the amount of the Dash Button will be deducted from your purchase. (If the amount of what you buy was less than €4.99, Amazon will deduct the proportional part, and in the following order you deduct the remaining amount, until you deduct the full amount of the Dash Button). Now if, these are all the Dash Button that are available on Amazon: