Do you have a company? Shopping at Amazon on a regular basis? Well if it is your case, attentive to what we are going to tell you today, comes to Amazon, Amazon Business. Amazon Business has been created by Amazon to adapt to the purchases of the entrepreneurs. The most important features of Amazon Business are:

  • Great selection of products and comfort: You will have access to a wide variety of products of different categories, with enough information to help you make your purchases more efficiently.
  • Competitive Prices: Amazon offers you offers with prices that in few places you will find. In addition, Amazon will vary the offers every little time.
  • Amazon Prime United to Amazon business: free of charge, you will be able to integrate your prime account into your Amazon business account, so you can enjoy your company account for the benefits of Amazon Prime. (If you’re not from Amazon Prime, you’ll have free shipping on orders from €29, and you’ll have them in your company in no time).
  • Automatic billing with VAT: With Amazon Business you will be able to download all your bills in one group with VAT. Also, if you need to see the products with VAT excluded, just log in to your Amazon Business account, you will be able to see the prices in the products pages without VAT.
  • Payment Terms: Amazon Business adapts to your needs, so you can share your payments in the way that suits you best. You will be able to share the payment methods with some users, or with all your equipment.
  • Better visibility and control for your company: Register and control your company’s expense by consolidating your team’s expenses into one account.
  • Refined Catalog: To be able to comply with your company’s purchasing policy, create a catalog where you specify recommended products and suppliers, restrict certain product categories, and activate alerts. Everything will be controlled by Amazon Business.
  • Multi-User: With Amazon Business You can add multiple users, set spending limits, and manage your company purchases.
  • Enterprise Analysis — Create custom reports to track your purchases. Includes combinations of filters and columns to improve your account activity, including orders, returns, and rebates.
  • Simplified purchasing processes: Amazon Business allows you to identify your purchases, adding project codes, or cost centers, to your orders. It uses purchase order numbers and enables quick reconciliation of invoices. You can also integrate your electronic purchase systems (Coupa, Ariba, Oracle,…) at Amazon Business, or if you prefer, operate independently with them.

What do you expect, Amazon Business is what you need for your company’s purchases. Create your Amazon Business account, it’s TOTALLY FREE!!!!!!