Today we bring you a new discount that is available on Amazon: Amazon Assistant brings you €5 discount!!!!! To get this discount you have to take into account a number of conditions that, here in, we are going to tell you. But first of all we will briefly tell you what that is about Amazon Assistant. Amazon Assistant is something as simple as the system that Amazon has so that, depending on the searches and purchases you make on Amazon, offer notifications with related suggestions, and also does looking for offers. To activate Amazon Assistant you have to click on the Amazon Assistant icon in your browser. When you do you will see a small tutorial where they explain the operation of Amazon Assistant, and here begins the how to get the €5 discount of the promotion that we were talking to you at the beginning. Once you pass the tutorial will appear a card, and you have to click on "Redeem the offer" to get the €5. This amount will be saved automatically in your account, and you can deduct it in your next order that you make the amount equal to or greater than €25, you do so before November 14, 2018, and as long as they are products sold and shipped by Amazon. It is very important that, so you can access the offer of the €5 discount you do the link you get by clicking here. This promotion is active for all those who install Amazon Assistant for the first time before November 7, 2018. If you do it after this date, or you already have Amazon Assistant active, you will not be able to get the €5 discount from this promotion. So, remember to start the activation of Amazon Assistant by clicking here, and do it before November 7th that is when this promotion ends.