With the start of the new season of MasterChef, all those who like the world of cuisine, they return in a more intense way with the desire to learn and practice new recipes. For those who are amateur in the kitchen, MasterChef is a dream to achieve.

The truth is that MasterChef is that, even those who are little kitchenettes, chop them the bug, and them between desire to practice, and to prepare recipes to surprise.

For this reason, a good way is to learn from great teachers such as the chefs who make up the jury of MasterChef. Today, in particular, I want to show a great book of Jordi Cruz that mola is that, so if you are a good cook, and kitchen, like as if you're a bad Cook that you flee from the kitchen, you'll. In both cases there are occasions where you have guests, and you need to make simple but rich recipes which you can surprise them. As the perfect book for this is "rock 'n' roll caps: 70 large small snacks to enjoy at home" of Jordi Cruz.

In this book you'll find small bites with big flavor. Jordi Cruz brings together the most creative tapas in its line of sophisticated, and creative cuisine, but don't panic because they are not complicated recipes. All of them can find them perfectly explained, and you already see that you get to leave impacted your guests. So you walk with eye by will want to repeat 😜

The book "Tapas with rock'n ' roll: 70 small large snacks to enjoy at home" is divided into 5 chapters that make easier the choice and organization of meal, or dinner, you want to do, even the classification of these chapters will help you to search according to those who are going to be. The chapters are:

  1. Dishes to share.
  2. Caps for one.
  3. Half portions.
  4. Mil and some oysters.
  5. Desserts.

As I can tell, that'll you'll find everything from the most traditional tapas, as it can be an Octopus Galician style, to lids as sophisticated as sausage tai miniburguer, for example.

I already warned it will fascinate you, and do not want to say anything to anyone with taste test them. And is that not we told you but tops that are within this book are some of the many who served in one of the restaurants of Jordi Cruz, Ten completo Tapas!

Then we leave the comparative table of Savemoney.es so you can make the purchase of your book "rock 'n' roll caps: 70 large small snacks to enjoy at home", and thus keep it as soon as possible at home to start cooking: