If you're a supporter of TopChef, and like cooking, sure that you've noticed that this year all the pans, and casseroles, are BRA brand, and have very good. Therefore, in today's post we are going to talk about the latest collections of BRA, so you can buy them, and cook like a real professional Cook.

The truth is that the quality of the pans, and casseroles, BRA is very good. They are made in Teflon material which makes the food not sticking while guises, is scrub more easily, and suffer less wear with use, in comparison with other materials.

BRA has many collections, but then we're going to have the 3 latest collections that is petando in the world of cuisine:

  • BRA EFFICIENT collection: With products that are within this collection you can build from daily stews, to very elaborate cuisine, all this, in a way easy, fast, and rich, and above all, without the skillet or pan you buy this collection damage. Come on, that even if you use it, it will be like the first day, and this is due to that because BRA to coated products in this collection, with the best non-stick coating is Teflon Platinum Plus. Efficient collection is designed to get very rich and healthy cuisine but with a lower energy consumption, and ease of cleaning.
  • COLLECTION PRIOR of BRA: This BRA range which seeks is to provide quality but at the best price. Why use cast aluminum, and a Classic non-stick teflon, which you can use on all types of cookers, hobs and induction, as in gas cooker.
  • INFINITY BRA collection: This collection is made in die-cast aluminium with a non-stick coating Premium which with less oil, you'd better. It re-emphasizes its resistance and duration, with enhanced performance, these materials used BRA will need less heat for cooking. The highlight of this collection of infinity is that they have handles and removable handles, which will allow you, in addition to cooking with gas, vitroceramic hob, or induction, you can use them inside the oven.

It is clear that you choose the collection you wish to be right, and you can enjoy meals at the height of the chefs of TopChef 😜

Now we are going to show the comparative tables of Savemoney.es of different pans and buckets, of the various collections of BRA, so you can locate the country in which Amazon has their best offer, and you can save on the purchase of your BRA products: